Tune in to John and Wes’s entertaining podcast, where they vent about life’s most annoying things, from slow drivers to TSA checkpoints, while enjoying the smooth taste of Smithwick’s Irish Red Ale and the surprisingly good Two Stacks “Dram in a Can” Irish Whiskey. And as a bonus, enjoy a witty poem by ChatGPT-4 that perfectly captures the frustration and humor of life’s little irritants:

In front of me, a Smithwick’s Red, A liquid pleasure to be fed, But in my mind, annoying things, A dissonance that sadness brings.

The chatter loud, the music low, I’m stuck between, a rock and a blow, But then I try, a “Dram in a Can”, A taste so good, it’s like a fan.

A fan that cools, the heat of rage, A tonic that turns, the bitter page, Now all I taste, are the malty hops, And all I hear, are the pleasant pops.

No more annoyances, just sips and smiles, I’m happy now, and free of wiles, So cheers to life, and its little things, And to beer and whiskey, and all it brings.

Smithwick’s Irish Red Ale

Two Stacks “Dram in a Can” Irish Whiskey

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