Episode 33 – Is school too hard? with Dry Fly Straight Wheat Whiskey and a special Harpoon Pilsner

Immerse yourself in a lively conversation as John and Wes explore the curious notion of modern-day students finding school too challenging. Their banter crackles with wit and insight as they dissect the shifting perspectives on education. Against this backdrop, they savor the smooth richness of Dry Fly Straight Wheat Whiskey, its delicate flavors swirling like ideas in the air. Accompanying their discussion is the refreshingly unconventional “Wayfair” Harpoon Purple Pinwheel Pilsner, though it mysteriously boasts a captivating shade of green. With each sip, the complexities of their dialogue unfold, intermingling with the nuanced aromas and distinctive taste of their libations. Join in their mirthful camaraderie, and raise a glass to the wisdom gained from experience and the pleasures of spirited discourse. Cheers to embracing the challenges of the present while savoring the distinct flavors that color our conversations and perceptions!

Dry Fly Distillery

Harpoon Brewery

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