Episode 32 – Octoberfest! with Kloster Andechs, Konig Ludwig Weissbier and Heritage Distilling Co. Distiller’s Reserve Blended Whiskey #09

ndulge in the generous hospitality of their German neighbor, Max, as John and Wes embark on a festive celebration with an abundance of remarkable beers. Max, with a jovial spirit, presents them with two of his personal favorites in honor of Oktoberfest. With each sip, the flavors transport them to the lively streets of Munich, where the spirit of the festival runs deep. They revel in the harmonious symphony of malt, hops, and tradition, savoring the authentic taste of Bavarian craftsmanship. Amidst the merriment, a bottle of rich and robust rye-heavy blended whiskey from Heritage Distilling Co. graces their table. The smooth and intricate layers of this whiskey captivate their palates, bringing warmth and depth to their evening of revelry. Together, they raise their glasses, exclaiming “Prost!”—a heartfelt toast to the joy of friendship, shared experiences, and the rich tapestry of flavors that bring people together. As laughter and conversation fill the air, John, Wes, and Max create lasting memories, united by the spirit of good company and exceptional libations.

Heritage Distilling Co.

Kloster Andechs

Konig Ludwig

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