irish whiskey

Episode 53 – Annoying AF

Tune in to John and Wes’s entertaining podcast, where they vent about life’s most annoying things, from slow drivers to TSA checkpoints, while enjoying the smooth taste of Smithwick’s Irish Red Ale and the surprisingly good Two Stacks “Dram in a Can” Irish Whiskey. And as a bonus, enjoy a witty poem by ChatGPT-4 that perfectly captures the frustration and humor of life’s little irritants

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Episode 51 – Splitsville U.S.A.

In recent years, there has been talk of a potential “National Divorce” in the United States, a separation of sorts that would see the country split into smaller, more ideologically homogenous regions. In Episode 51 of our podcast, John and Wes have a “kitchen table” conversation about the pros and cons of this idea. They touch on the controversial comments made by MTG, and explore the possibility of reconciliation in our country. Over a couple of drinks, including Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey and Murphy’s Irish Stout, they delve into the nuances of this complex issue. Their candid conversation is both thought-provoking and entertaining, and we invite you to join in on the discussion by sharing your thoughts in the comments.

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