Episode 66 – Constitupated

Join John and Wes in this enlightening and entertaining episode as they delve into the misconceptions surrounding the United States Constitution. From common misattributions to phantom clauses, they unravel the truths behind what people often believe to be in the Constitution but are not. Prepare to be surprised as they bust some popular myths! To add a flavorful twist, our hosts enjoy the unique and oddly delicious “Hell or High Watermelon” watermelon wheat beer by 21st Amendment Brewing. Its refreshing and fruity notes provide a delightful accompaniment to their discussion. And if that’s not enough, they savor the smooth flavors of Leadslinger’s “Thin Blue Line” Whiskey Bourbon, paying tribute to our country’s first responders. So, grab a drink, sit back, and get ready to be informed, entertained, and engaged! Cheers to separating fact from fiction and enjoying some tasty libations along the way!

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