John and Wes discuss the current UFO controversy and conspiracies surrounding the latest unidentified flying (balloons?) objects over North America while enjoying the 2 Bar Spirits Counterbalance Single Malt and Reubens Brewing Crushable Hazy Pale Ale. We also float the idea that it could all be a part of Project Blue Beam or just more predictive programming. German neighbor Max also chimes in with his take from Seoul, Korea.

2 Bar Spirits Counterbalance Single Malt – Color was a dark straw with a sweet, citrusy smell on the nose and the taste was woody, malty with a slight chocolaty taste and the stout flavor was there but very light. Mouthfeel was nice and the flavors lingered. Very good collaboration between 2 Bar Spirits and the now closed Counterbalance Brewing in Seattle.

Reubens Crushable Hazy Pale Ale – This delicious beer had nice hazy straw color that smelled fruity on the nose. The taste was very light and refreshing with no detectable pine or fruit taste. Definitely crushable.

NASA’s Project Blue Beam By Serge Monast (1994)

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