Episode 34 – Spooky Stories with a trio of Ardbeg and a Rooftop Brewing Company Pumpkin Beer.

Join John, Wes, and their esteemed guest, Eric Crane, for an unforgettable evening of spine-tingling tales. Gathered around, their voices dancing with anticipation, these three boys delve into a collection of chilling stories from their haunted pasts. As the moon casts an eerie glow upon them, they share laughter and shivers, their senses heightened by the tantalizing flavors of Rooftop Brewing Company’s Trick or Treat Yo’ Self Pumpkin Pale Ale. To further elevate the ambiance, a trio of Ardbeg’s finest whiskies accompanies their gathering, including the robust Wee Beastie, the timeless Ten, and the enigmatic AN OA. With each sip, their spirits rise and their stories take on a new dimension, as if the very essence of the supernatural seeps into their midst. Raise your glass and join in their camaraderie as they embark on a night of spectral revelry. Cheers to a captivating evening of friendship, fear, and flavorful libations!

Rooftop Brewing Co.


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