Month: May 2022

Episode 16 – Harrison Road Trip Part 1 – Hudson Whiskey NY Rye and Quintopia Stout

John and Wes enjoy a savory Hudson Whiskey NY Rye and full bodied stout from Quintopia while giving takes about swimsuit models, roadtrips and other nonsense. We hope you enjoy this episode. Cheers!

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Episode 15 – The Arlington Special – Bad Dog Bourbon and Scary Joy from Skookum Brewery

John and Wes taste two from Bad Dog Distillery and one from Skookum Brewery. The Bad Dog Bourbon was smooth, sweet and pleasing to the palette while the Scary Joy Imperial Brown Ale from Skookum Brewery was a big 11% monster that would warm you up with its coconut and vanilla flavors. We hope you enjoy the Arlington Special. Cheers!

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Episode 14 – Smooth as Tennessee Whiskey and as complex as Jellyfish Grisette

John and Wes taste all the whiskeys from Tennessee and a light but complex bottled-conditioned Grisette from Jellyfish Brewing Co. in Seattle. We Start with Old No.7 from Jack Daniel’s followed by a single barrel Jack, George Nickel 12 year, the awesome Chattanooga 91 whiskey and finishing it all with two Tennessee Tasters from Jack Daniel’s as a little bonus. Cheers!

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